Please note ! Immigration has moved to the road for the deep see port ! You need to turn right after the Harbour Master office and follow the signs!


This section covers paperwork formalities upon entry or exit from the Kingdom of Thailand.

If you are arriving from Malaysia (or anywhere else) and this is your first entry into Thailand, you will need to complete the formailities with Immigration, Customs and the port authorities. (in that order)

All have their offices in Krabi town and all are very helpful. Most of the Immigration officers speak good English and the other 2 departments can speak some English.

There are quite a lot of papers to be filled in for each department, and they all like lots of photocopies! (but don’t offer copier facilities) All of the forms are written in both Thai and English but can be a little confusing the first time you see them. LMS keep a copy of all the paperwork from these departments so that you can fill them out before you arrive at their offices.

It is quite acceptable for you to leave your boat in Ko Lanta and travel by mini-bus to Krabi to complete the formalities. Both Immigration and Customs are in the center of Krabi town but the port authorities are out of town and you will need to take a taxi/tuk tuk/motorbike taxi to get there and back.

If you are going to leave the country by any means other than with your boat, any ‘crew’ (this includes the captain) will need to post a refundable bond with immigration. Make sure that there is only 1 crew on your boat and all others are ‘passengers’. The bond system for crew is really intended for larger commercial ships, but since ‘yachts’ are relatively new on the scene, the rule is applied to them also. The bond is 20,000 Baht, so have this ready at immigration to save time. (you will get the money back when you return to the Kingdom and ‘sign’ yourself back onto the boat)

Customs will ask you to fill in a temporary importation form and to guarantee (usually in the sum of 1,070,000 Baht) that you will re-export the boat within a defined period of time, usually 6 months. If you are planning to be away longer than this it is possible to extend for a further 2 months, however they won’t give you the extension until a month or so before the expiry of the original date!

If this all sounds a bit ‘over the top’, it’s because it is! but the system works fine and LMS will help you as much as you need.

Important point to remember when dealing with officialdom (and in general in Thailand) Smiles work! raised voices, displays of anger and frustration do not!

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