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We are aiming to be as flexible as possible with our pricing, in an atempt to suit all of your requirements and budgets! There are many variables involved depending on care schedules (frequency), type of vessle, and services requested.

It is very difficult to put prices on some of the individual components of a care package because of differences in schedules. For example; we visit the boat each day to do the basic checks, so while we are there we can open the hatches to air the boat (this requires 2 visits in a day because we have to close them too) but on the day that we run your engine, we will stay aboard for long enough to air the boat too, (this only requires 1 visit) Since we are there anyway, this is the time to clean the bird droppings up. If you separate these components, each one would be more expensive as a ‘stand alone’ service but would offer very small savings if taken off the overall package.

This is not to say that we cannot give you an individual package, just that we cannot really give you a price until we know what it is!

Currently, we have 2 care packages:

Basic: (Mandatory service level) 150baht per day +20% short stay
This includes the rental of the mooring, the ‘ground’ rent paid to the local authorities, a daily visit to your boat to check the mooring warp, your awnings, and your waterline. (We do not normally board your boat unless remedial action is required.) (see LMS services)

Gold: 250baht per day +20% short stay
As above but with the addition of daily airing, periodic cushion turning, weekly engine run and battery check, and weekly deck clean-up.

Labour rates: 150baht per hour
General cleaning, deck scrubbing (teak decks/wood boats) preparation assistance, stainless polishing, general (unskilled) project work, etc

Sub aqua work 800 baht per hour

Outside contractor:
We will charge what they charge for labour, plus ferry services, plus supervision charge of 5-20% depending on the level of supervision and overall cost. (the higher their bill, the less % we take)

Storage:(Minimum 1 cubic metre)

1-3 months 200 baht/M3/month

3-6 months 160 baht/M3/month

6-12months 125 baht/M3/month

12 + months 100 baht/M3/month

Project work:
Quotation on request

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