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Having a ‘secure’ mooring is very important for your boat, and your peace of mind. The local authorities here have designated an area for the moorings . Additionally, the moorings themselves are of a very heavy construction and will not drag. The location of the moorings affords good protection from nearly all points of the compass but is particularly good shelter from the big Southwesterly winds of the ‘low season’.

Having a ‘secure’ mooring is only part of the answer, you also need to know that your boat is being properly looked after. The looking after element cannot be ‘casual’, it needs to be very consistent and professional. Each moored craft will be visited every single day, by knowledgeable staff, to check for chafe on the mooring line, check that the awnings are well secured and to check that the waterline is as it should be. Remedial action will be taken if anything is amiss and the owners will be contacted if we feel there may be a bigger problem.

This is the minimum level of service we can offer and provides an excellent ‘low budget’ option for those who need it.

Whilst our minimum level of services should provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your boat, it does not score very highly in the ‘looking after’ category.

When you leave your boat without proper care for longer periods of time, you can expect to find some headaches when you return…

When boats are left in the tropics for long periods of time, with inadequate airflow, the high humidity leads to a rapid build up of mould. This can be very destructive to your soft furnishings, books and papers, charts, head linings and valuables. At the very least you will be returning to a few days of hard work to sort out the mess and get rid of the smell.

LMS can open your hatches for a few hours (weather permitting) per day, thus ensuring that you don’t get problems of this nature. As part of our service we will also periodically turn your cushions and air them in the sun if this is practical.

When engines are left un-run for long periods of time any traces of moisture, and the acids that build up in your engine oil, will attack the inner surfaces of your engine, often leading to sticking piston rings, seized bearings or worse. Similarly batteries can degrade very quickly if they are left in an under/over charged state. Imagine returning to you boat to find dead batteries that can’t turn over your semi-seized engine and the headaches and expense you will have before you can carry on cruising.

LMS can start and run your engine up to temperature on a weekly basis and at the same time check your battery condition to ensure that, upon your return, you will be able to carry on cruising with a minimum of fuss.

While you are away from your boat it is likely that it will accumulate dust below decks and bird droppings above decks. The longer your absence, the more will be the accumulation, leaving you with a few days work to clean-up before you can enjoy living on your boat again. Bird droppings contain acids which can etch the surface of your paint and should be removed as quickly as possible.

LMS can give your boat a weekly clean-up above decks and a ‘one-off spring clean’ below decks prior to your return. The level of spring clean is up to you, we can clean all lockers and their contents, wash all of your cutlery and crockery, pans etc. clean the stove, head(s), walls, head-linings, floors, even the engine room!

If you have a teak deck, (or a wooden boat) the wood will quickly go mouldy and green if it is regularly soaked in fresh water, we will mirror the schedule you keep when you are living on board, giving the decks a thorough soaking with sea water, brushing/scrubbing if required, daily, bi daily, or weekly. You decide.

While you are away, consider having your soft furnishings laundered, along with your stored clothes, this will be done shortly before your arrival to ensure you return to a fresh smelling boat, and some clean clothes!

Prior to your return to the boat, LMS can give you whole boat a clean-up, decks, cockpit, portholes, topsides, stainless bright-work, waterline, prop, and dinghy.

You should be able to have all of these services for your boat and still

pay less than you would for a stay in the marina or yard!

The cost of our budget service is
150baht per day.

Airing and cushion turning are part of our ‘Gold’ service.
Engine running and battery maintainence are part of our ‘Gold’ service.
Weekly cleaning above decks is part of our ‘gold’ service.

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